Monday, May 16, 2016

Tech Challenge 2016 Recap 2

Here are some of the designs a fourth-grader team designed and built over the course of the Tech Challenge 2016.

A team member got this glider idea from the Maker magazine. It was a good start to learn about gliders and center of gravity.

Comparing the flight of our bird gliders to the store-bought balsa wood gliders.

We got the idea from one of the library books a team member borrowed from the library. This glider is made out of  foam plates.

The same design different material. Foam gliders flew better than the paper plate gliders.
The goal for our team is to research (online, library, books, magazines, etc.) and learn about the subject matter as much as possible. We also watch a lot of youtube videos, too. 

Try some of these with your kids today.