Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Strength of Materials - April 15, 2015

These are the pictures from the project I did in the fall. Again, because I had to load the books carefully, and the structures did collapse, I don't have "action" pictures. But these are some of the examples of the support structure the students from 2nd - 5th grades built.

Previous Supplies List:
25 straws (Dollar Store variety)
6 bamboo chopsticks (3 pairs)
scotch tape

New Supplies List:
25 straws (Dollar Store variety)
6 chopsticks (3 pairs)
scotch tape

I couldn't get my hands on the same, stronger bamboo chopsticks, so I had to settle for either thinner, weaker bamboo chopsticks or regular wooden ones. I bought both types, but they didn't quite hold up. Still, it doesn't make this project any less fun to do.

Project Instructions:
  1. Hand out 25 straws and 6 chopsticks to each team of students.
  2. Talk about load distribution.
  3. Build and test.
  4. Get more material (another pair of chopsticks or 5 straws) and make repairs. And test again.
The records to beat for next year:
2nd graders - 18 lbs.
3rd graders - 32 lbs.
4th graders - 36 lbs.
5th graders - 46 lbs.

Some load pictures:

Some very interesting designs:

 I have many pictures, but I couldn't post all of them. These are some contenders and some interesting ones.

Have fun.