Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tech Challenge Update - 4/15/15

Please come join the fun at the Tech Museum this weekend (4/25 - 4/26).

2015's the Tech Challenge competition is taking place, and the admission to the competition and the museum is free.

It's always very interesting to come and see all the different designs the students from all over Northern California have come up with to solve this year's challenge, which is Seismic Engineering in Action. And the award ceremony takes place at 1pm (4/25) for the elementary school division, so if you can, stay and support the youngsters.

The competition for the middle school division takes place on 4/26, and the high school division is competing during the afternoon on 4/25.

Here are some pictures from our team:

For more Tech Challenge 2015 competition day information, please check out the link below.